Burberry trench coat & Longchamp bag

I made a same mistake again! sigh~~~ Last weekend, I “placed” an order of Milly Julia printed dress (used Bloomindales F&F code and additional 10%…). I was excited during the whole weekend, looking for the Milly dress! This morning, I realized that I had not received any shipping information so far. Then I logged in my account, and found I had not placed the order (I might submitted my order but forgot the last step, confirming the order!) How silly I am 😦

However, I am still benefited from Bloomie F&F event! Saks Fifth Avenue gave me price match last weekend, after I showed them the email invitation from Bloomie. I bought a LongChamp bag with 20% off. I will use it to carry my PC (sometime I need PC rather than macbook air, and my PC is hard to fit in most of my purses), books, or for traveling. I think it will be more useful after I move to Boston.


Sweater: Vince

Jeans: Vince

Coat: Burberry

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Bag: LongChamp

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川式咸烧白/扣肉(sichuan style steamed pork belly with pickled mustard leaves)


原材料: 带皮五花肉1磅半,老抽, 老姜丝,花椒,白胡椒粉,糖,冬菜(梅干菜也可以)


1. 凉水下整块肉,煮到肉过心关火。将肉冲洗干净,用厨房纸擦干备用。擦干肉上得水份是减少后面炸肉皮时蹦油。(我是头天晚上煮好肉,不盖盖子直接放冰箱,这样过夜,肉的水气就被抽干)

2. 铁锅烧油,用量是可以盖住肉皮就好。 将老抽涂抹在肉皮上。

3. 油热了,将肉放到锅里。注意:将肉皮面朝下(这一步是为了将肉皮炸泡,蒸熟以后肉皮才能达到皱皮得效果,而且口感也更好)

4. 将炸好的肉取出,还是皮朝下,加水,淹没皮就可以了。泡半个小时。猪皮的质感泡到图片里这样就可以了。

5. 取另外一个碗,将冬菜,花椒,姜丝,白胡椒,1Tsb 糖,拌均匀备用

6. 将泡好的肉切成宽8厘米,厚1厘米的片,加入1 Tbsb 老抽和姜丝。(我用的冬菜比较咸,所以只放了老抽, 如果用需要漂洗得梅干菜,需要额外加一些生抽,口味咸淡可以自己斟酌)。将切好得肉整齐的摆放在碗里,肉皮一定要朝下哟。

7. 将拌好调料的冬菜均匀的铺到肉上面,冬菜的多少嘛,到基本看不到肉就可以了。然后稍微压实。

8. 蒸肉。我用的 高压锅,等上了大气后该为中火,大概12-15分钟关火。注意一定要等高压锅自动开阀门哟,因为,其实关火以后,锅里的压力还是在继续煮食物。如果要强行冲水开盖,那么就需要多蒸5分钟。开盖取出食物以后,用另外一个盘子盖在上面,然后反扣过来。美味的川味咸烧白就出炉了。(如果没有高压锅,一般蒸锅也可以,只是需要较长的时间,中火1小时到1小时30分钟)

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Wearing my new Balenciaga

Holiday is around the corner, which makes me hard to focus on my experiments. The temperature this year is still around 50F here, way higher than usual. I could not wait to wear my new Balenciaga in “Anthracite” out!!! When I put it together with other black clothes, I can FEEL its color. It is something between dark grey and navy, or even blue, you define 🙂 I absolutely satisfied with this color and fell in love with it 🙂

I asked my father to take couple pictures for me this morning, and it took him a while to figure out my iphone…… appearently he doesn’t like it, too slippery 🙂


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